Frequently Asked Questions about the World Wide Web

What is required to get my business onto the web?

First, you need to register your domain name (dot com, dot net, etc.).

Second, you need to find a service provider with a solid reputation for stability; one that will "take care of business".

Third, you need to give thought to the reason that convinced you to get on the web in the first place. That is, you need a plan. Remember, the internet is world wide! In the course of planning you will layout your message to the world.

Solrac Computer Specialties has partnered with Southwestern Bell Internet Services (SBIS) and can assist you in making that prescense with the right impression.


What costs are asociated with registering my domain name?

If your chosen name is available, Internic charges a $70.00 registration fee for the first two years.


Can I do this myself?

Yes, by going to A credit card will be required.


Are there any potential problems if I do something wrong?

Definitely. Print a copy of the form and read it carefully before you proceed.


Can Solrac do this for me, and if so, how much will it cost?

Aside from the $70.00 charges by Internic, Solrac charges $50.00 for the service.

If Solrac is to do your web page development, this charge will be deducted from the cost.


Great! I've registered my domain name. Now what?

Now you need a website host.


What's a website host?

A website host is a company that supports and maintains the computers and routers, etc to connect to the internet.


Does Solrac provide this service and at what cost?

Yes, Solrac Computers in a partnership with SW Bell Internet Services (SBIS) provides web hosting services. The entry level cost is aproximately $25.00 per month plus a $50.00 setup fee, plus applicable taxes. These charges may be put on your SW Bell Telephone bill.


Okay, you signed me up for SBIS web hosting and my domain name is correctly registered. What will it cost to design my web pages?

Depending on the complexity, typical costs will vary. Prices start as low as $150.00 for the first four pages.


Great, how do I get started?

Call Solrac Computer Specialties 210-223-4050 locally, or 1-800-834-0228 for calls originating outside Bexar County.